Rs 5 lakh insurance to children who lost both parents to COVID-19

Insurance has become one of the important financial products that people have been buying like anything in the recent past. Insurance has its pros and cons one of them is that it can be quite a difficult thing to get into, but once they get it, one can never fully be rid of it.

to both the parents and the children have been of great help, but a lot of children are still not able to get the insurance that their parents were able to buy for them.

On this occasion, the health insurance company has decided to follow the example set by the government of India and has also decided to give Rs 5 lakh insurance to the children of Covid-19 infected parents.

The government has also given the same amount for the parents who have lost their children in the Covid-19 crisis.

Background Info: NRI MonaLisa & her husband Kalpana have four children, Pranav, Anil, Priya & Rishi. Kalpana died due to Coronavirus while visiting her parents. MonaLisa has to support her family, as she is a single mother.

Title: NRI MonaLisa Needs Rs

6 Lakh To Pay for Her Family’s Medical Bills.

Body: NRI MonaLisa has been a stay-at-home mother and her husband has been living in London and has not spent a single rupee from their savings to pay for her family’s medical bills. To support her family, MonaLisa has taken up the challenge to raise Rs 6 lakh to pay for this.

Any money raised from this challenge will be used to pay for medicines, doctor and hospital bills. The family had been getting Rs 1,500 a month for the last two months. The family’s expenses come out to be a total of Rs 7,400 a month.

Background Info: Young Entrepreneur Got Sick of Being AmbushedThe AI generated a suggestion that was flagged as potentially unsafe. Please adjust your content before generating again.

Title: Young Entrepreneur Got Sick of Being Ambushed

Body: A young entrepreneur was driving to work on a road when an artificial intelligence generated a suggestion that he should adjust the temperature of his car to work.

The entrepreneur, who was working for a car company,

was surprised and instructed his assistant to get a car service for him.

The assistant took the car to a mechanic who adjusted the temperature of the car to work.

The entrepreneur got really angry and started questioning the AI, but an advertisement on the side of the road caught his eye.

The advertisement read, “Automotive Services”.

The entrepreneur knew the company was a good one.

He decided to call the company and order service.

Six hours later, he got a call from the company asking him to come to their office

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